Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter 2013 - Jesus Lives - (Night 1 of Camp Ezekiel was great) Pictures & Videos Inside

On behalf of Bishop Dr. Kelvin Jones, Sr. Pastor at The Mount Carmel Baptist Church - and Rev. Khrystus Wallace, President & Founder of Dare 2 Be Different International - - Partners in Ministry - Building the kingdom of God together in St. Kitts - Nevis, we'd like to wish you a Happy - Happy - Happy Easter 2013.

Jesus has conquered death, hell and the grave and he lives for ever more! Nothing you've done or said will stop Jesus from making the difference in your life. Living in despair? In Fear? Are you doubtful? Afraid? Do you have Jesus as personal Lord and Saviour of your life? Trust him TODAY - Visit

If you are a child of God and you are going through a trying time right now, do remember that you are not alone. Many Great Biblical Characters went through trying times in their life. Joseph was imprisoned for years. Daniel got thrown in the lion's den. Jonah was placed in the belly of a big fish. Paul had to keep running while doing ministry. David had the frightening job of going up against Goliath. In each of these cases and in many more, Jesus NEVER forgot them and he won't forget you either.

Everyone won't like you and appreciate you but remember this - YOU  ARE  A  FRIEND  OF  GOD and He does have a special love for you. Your Tests will give you some great TESTIMONIES!

Note this: God delivered and favoured all of the characters above and he will favour you too.

The Mount Carmel Baptist Church -  and The Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre - , prays that God's favour will pour down on your life starting from his Easter Season 2013.

You will only get it, if you claim it. Do so now! You will make it! There is Hope Ahead - for you!


Our Annual Easter Camp Ezekiel Night 1 Was Great! Over 100 children and youth plus parents and helpers.

For the first time in Mount Carmel History, The Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre Youths joined the youths at the church for a fabulous NIGHT ONE  endorsing the importance of churches and ministries working together and partnering to build the Kingdom of God and impact youths and all.

Pictures and Videos speak 1000 words - DO  ENJOY  YOUR  EASTER  WEEKEND!

Sister Malvie Gives Her Camp Ezekiel Rules - Check out this interesting rule. $5 Fine for littering and Bill Sent To Parents

St. Kitts - Nevis Does Have Talent: Check out these videos of youths from both Mount Carmel Baptist - and Dare 2 Be Different International -  doing their thing. We pray that God would connect them with Audition Companies so that they can use their talents to make a living for the rest of their lives. Too many of our home grown artistes seldom get the opportunity. Call Sister Malvie at 869-762-4906 or Brother Khrystus at 869-664-0911 so they can put you in touch with them / their parents as a start to helping them reach far. You can be apart of helping to take St. Kitts - Nevis' youth artistes unto the international stage to minister, dramatize, be used in commercials etc.



Monday, March 25, 2013

Mount Carmel Baptist Church Easter Camp Ezekiel 2013 Will Be Spectacular says Sister Malvie James

President of The Mount Carmel Baptist Church Camp Ezekiel Committee, Sister Malvie James has confirmed that her team was more than ready to make this year's Easter Youth Camp 2013 Event a tremendous success again.

Sister James was at the time putting final tidbits and preparations in place so as to again pamper the youth and remind campers of the Death, Burial and Resurrection in the process, during the Thursday, 28th March to Monday, 1st April, 2013 event.

Sister Malvie said, "Nearly every year, Camp Ezekiel has added a ministry to the church or done something to uplift the church's surroundings. One year we added The Boys Choir that is featured on our website in a youtube video at: Another year we added our Boys in Black Dancers and the list goes on. It's usually a tremendous event and the youth love it."

The sleepover event in the rural community of Bourryeau Village - St. Kitts attracts youth from all over. This year, the Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre - Youth from Boyds - St. Kitts will join the youth at Mount Carmel for the first time at this event.

Sister James said, "We are happy to be partnering with Dare 2 Be Different. That ministry isn't only bringing their youth, but they are sponsoring and responsible for decorating the church grounds with Colourful Printed Camp Ezekiel Flags which is supposed to crate a flare and excitement.

Dare 2 Be Different will also be bringing a screen printing machine to the camp on the first night and teaching the youth how to screen print their own Camp Ezekiel plain t-shirts which would definitely be a first. I can't underscore the partnership of that ministry. Sister Yvette Wallace from Dare 2 Be Different, since our partnership in September 2012, has continued to provide us with tasty agro-processed goodies for church events and our youth events and she will be helping us again at Camp Ezekiel 2013. I know the children are looking forward to see what she will give this time as her dishes are always different, tasty and unique and tend to use organic fruits and vegetables that are grown in St. Kitts - Nevis."

Sister Malvie said that there was still room for last minute registrants from around St. Kitts - Nevis and they could call her at 869-762-4906 for more information and to register their child / children. The President reached out to the local and international community to call her to sponsor any type of fruits, vegetables, plates, cups, folks, etc as due to the economic times, no business or organization agreed to sponsor this year and she refused to put off the event and hurt the dozens of children and youth who attend.

Individuals from around the world can ship donations free of cost via Rev. Khrystus Wallace's shipping business -  NEXT  DAY to St. Kitts using DHL / FEDEX. He confirmed that all they had to do was to contact Sister Malvie and he would arrange for one of the agencies to collect the items immediately where ever they were located around the world, just to be in time for the start of the Thursday event.

Combined Mount Carmel Baptist and Dare 2 Be Different Youth events isn't anything new for the duo ministry that continues to partner and work together just to help positively impact the nation's youth. The last combined event took place on December 26th. 2012 and it was more than fun, fun and more fun.

Rev. Khrystus Wallace, President and Founder of Dare 2 Be Different International - adopted The Mount Carmel Baptist Church in September 2012 and agreed to help move the church forward using the his technological and marketing skills.

He sponsored Mount Carmel's website, keeps it up to date, writes all the articles on their blog, markets the ministry on facebook, twitter, linked-in, blogger and claims The Mount Carmel Baptist website to be one of the hottest ministry websites in St. Kitts - Nevis -

This is something Wallace does for other religious ministries across the Caribbean, the USA and Africa thus far.

Rev. Khrystus came up under the ministry of Bishop Dr. Kelvin Jones. He was the one that taught him in Converts Class and then baptized him, officially welcoming him into the family of God after being led to Christ by Brother Bob Holbert from North Carolina.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bishop Jones launches his vision - The Dr. William Connor Foundation and sends New Years Greetings to the world

Dear Mount Carmel Baptist Church Global Following,

On behalf of Bishop Dr. Kelvin Jones and the congregation of The Mount Carmel Baptist Church - St. Kitts, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you an Optimistic New Year 2013 and as a child of God, always remember, when Jesus left earth, he left us with some power in Matthew 10 that we have not been using for years. Let's start using it from day one - TODAY and get radical for Jesus. No matter what struggles you crossed over into the new year with, I want you to be reminded of the words in Jeremiah 32:17 -  Ah Lord GOD! behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee:

Everyday when you wake, please DECLARE  YOUR  MORNING - DECLARE  YOUR  DAY! I believe that 2013 is a year of deliverance and also a year of destruction. Deliverance is coming to those Children of God who have been faithful, praying, trusting and working to build the kingdom of God even in the midst of trying times. I can smell it - 2013 is a BOUNCE  BACK  YEAR. Thus I continue to encourage Mount Carmel Youth and members to get excited once they are living a life that pleases God, evangelizing and trying to build the kingdom of God.

Sadly, in 2013, destruction and demise is coming upon individuals and nations because of the open disobedience to God's word. I know, we are not perfect. We all make our mistakes. As children of God, we are being worked on daily, but since we accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, we know that if God were to come TODAY - we will be caught up to meet him in the air. Why not hop on the Jesus Train at the start of 2013 - Don't continue to be a fugitive from God. Visit for a quick Salvation Bible Study and accept Jesus today. This is the last warning that some will ever get before their demise as these articles now reach the world.

On Christmas Sunday, (a cultural term used in the Caribbean which is the Sunday before Christmas), Bishop Dr. Jones challenged the youth to carry on the legacy of Dr. William Connor, Founder of the 1st Baptist Church in the Federation as he informed that 2013 will be 50 years since the start of the Baptist Work in St. Kitts and he was one of the two founding members alive.

In talking with him after, I learned of his vision to see CONTINUITY and finally bring back the radical impact that was once among the Baptist Bodies and try to restore the unity that once existed. Pastor Jones asked for our Ministry's Further Help to make this reality and as we always do - WE  ENJOY  HELPING  MINISTRIES  THAT  ASK. Therefore, on this the 1st of January, 2013, it gives me great pleasure to officially launch Bishop Dr. Kelvin Jones' Vision - The Dr. William Connor Foundation - that is expected to make a global impact around the world from DAY one.

God has given me a fresh energy with wish I have to push Dare 2 Be Different International and Mount Carmel Baptist Church with, because this is my calling. As I listened to Brother David Allen share on the last Sunday Night in 2012, he challenged the church to move with my energy because he felt that I was only placed at Mount Carmel for a Season before God moved again. Brother Allen said, as I smiled, "This young man has more energy than everyone in the church put together and we must help him, support him and Brother Fahie shouted - Or We going lose him." Brother Allen continued, "Although we can't keep up with his quick spirit and fast turn over, Brother Wallace is the Breakthrough that Mount Carmel has been praying for for years and now God has sent him to get radical, we must support him because its not like he wants a church or ministry, he has his own. I never knew God blessed him so much, I just knew him from our Whit Youth Retreat when the three churches use to come together. Those times we broken and we must bring them back. Since his coming on September 16th with a Sermon that shook the church, things have never been the same again. The world now knows we are still alive, people contacting form all over the globe and the youths are excited - overly excited."

I just smiled and gave God thanks. It is with this energy, that today 1st January, 2013, I sent out BlackBerry Messages and Texts to our members to rally them together as we start the restoration process of three dilapidated buildings on the church property for years since their roofs were blown off in the early 90s.

We move in faith with no money to restore these buildings and we need your immediate support. Sponsor a plywood, a galvanize, some nails, some blocks, some cement, some computers, school books, encyclopedias etc.

One will be the Mount Carmel Girl's Club House, the other will be The Mount Carmel Boys Club House and the third will be a snackette to raise funds to support this youth effort. God has told me that in my SEASON at Mount Carmel, I must re-energize the church and rejuvenate the youths because they will be the ones responsible for carrying on the legacy founded by Dr. William Connor as we celebrate 50 years of Radical Baptist Witness.

If you are a fellow Baptist Co-Labourer, we invite you to become a member of The Dr. William Connor Foundation today -  We also want you to keep your ears and eyes open as we contact your church Baptist or Otherwise to conduct crusades and empowerment training and mission trips across the world. We want to give our preachers the exposure and opportunity to minister. Global churches have helped the late Dr. Connor and our three Baptist Churches over the years. The Mount Carmel Baptist Church will now lead the way to helping and giving back to others - because after 50 years - WE  ARE  MORE  THAN  CAPABLE.

It is quite humbling to note to the world, that Bishop Dr. Jones isn't threatened by his ministers of the gospel. He rarely preaches now, and gives 95% of the opportunity to his younger, vibrant preachers and gives us tips here and there to better develop us. He commends us when we are on target and tells us when we are too long. This is truly a remarkable attribute of a Pastor again to not spend time and church money inviting others preachers for long and short terms on a regular basis, but rather use his own.

We love Pastor Jones and we know the Bishop Loves God, Loves Us and Loves the Work!

Three Cheers to Bishop Dr. Kelvin Jones on the launch of his dream - The Dr. William Connor Foundation - - A Project he has commissioned his youths to carry out!

In Christ,

Khrystus Wallace, Ordained Servant
Mount Carmel Baptist Church - St. Kitts

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mount Carmel Baptist & Dare 2 Be Different Partner To Turn World Upside Down

 Friend, I've had some thoughts on my mind for a long time about the way WE as pastors are operating Global Ministries. I have been running from penning them for a while, but God wouldn't allow me to do anything this morning until I write PART 1
Be Warned - You are suffering for so many weeks, months, years simply because as Ordained Ministers - We are really called to use offerings and tithes to empower our members and setup assets to deal with the Church's Liablities, but no one is bothering with that. I hate the phrase God's Money - I have never seen any Pastor Western Union it to God after a service. We should say, "Money to support God's Work" God is preparing to clean his house in 2013 and pour down his wrath upon the Ministers of Disobedience because he is saying that in NO RECESSION - his people should suffer. He placed Joseph to tell the Pharoah what to do during that recessional time. He has placed us as ministers to guide his people, but we are not doing it and he is angry and preparing to DESTROY.
As Dare 2 BE Different Interational  prepares to host our January 2013 Crusade at Greenlands Park from the 7th - 11th and then let Pastor Kelvin Jones cut the ribbon to continue on in Dr. William Connor's Legacy of Establishing CHurches on Sunday, 13th January, 2013. God has charged The Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre and The Mount Carmel Baptist Church to set the example to world as what True New Testament Church should be.
Moving Forward in January 2013, Dare 2 Be Different International and The Mount Carmel Baptist Church have partnered to introduce not only preaching and prayer, but much of our efforts will be on MEMBER EMPOWERMENT for OUR SUPPORTING  MEMBERS. We will be creating and providing jobs, opening small businesses, helping current small business owners who are our members advertise, debt conselling, free legal advice to deal with debts and get them under control. With a closed government supply unit, we'll be importing basic needs such as flour, milk, rice and starting our own Supply Office.
We will ensure that between Dare 2 Be Different International and The Mount Carmel Baptist church, we have busineses selling nearly everything that our members need to keep money flowing among our members which is therefore empowering and encouraging.
We will be buying our own blocks making machines capable of producing 2000 blocks per day and importing tons of cement, steel, galvanize to help our members finally build houses or renovate.
We are preparing to restore the GLOW that should be on EVERY BELIEVER's FACE.
This is but 0.01% of our ideas for 2013 as Dare 2 Be Different turns 5 and Bishop Dr. Kelvin Jones and The Mount Carmel Baptist Church celebrates 50 years of Radical Baptist Witness in St. Kitts - Nevis
Every Child we Christen at Mount Carmel or The Victory Centre, will fall under Sister Yvette Wallace's M.Ed Child Empowerment Ministry. While we do not encourage children out of wedlock, she will work with new mothers and fathers to teach them the proper care, old time mothods and teach them to read from early as she taugh her 4 sons to do from age 3.  Mount Carmel & The Victory Centre is all about using all of our members.
We honestly don't care about a big church. What we care about is IMPACTING, EMPOWERING, EVANGELIZING and building the kingdom of God.
We refuse to let our members sit and die in a CRISES when we were placed on this earth to help. Sign up to be a Victory Centre Member at:  or send us an email at:
We have partnered with Buses to run the entire St. Kitts  Circle - Just ask to attend one of our services and we'll pick you up - even if it's you alone - That's how much we care about starting to help IMMEDIATELY
Don't Say We Never Extended Our Hand To Help - Call Sister Malvy at Mount Carmel for Transportation from the east - 869-762-4906
or Brother Khrystus for transportion from the West  to attend either The Victory Centre Service at 8:30am or The Mount Carmel Baptist Service at 10am or both.
869-663-0114 / BB PIN: 2A3CBAA3 / Email:
You now have no excuse to miss church and say it was too early or too late. We'll be on the two sides of the islands, close to the bus route. Once you are apart of any of these two fellowships - you are guaranted Sound Preaching, Constant Prayer and Member Empowerment.
Be sure to be there on New Years Morning 2013 as we officially launch The Dr. William Connor Foundation and Ring The Bell To Signal the start of our 50 years of Celebration of Radical Baptist Witness across St. Kitts - Nevis as Dr. Jones and The Mount Carmel Baptist CHurch plan to lead the way and write the next 50 years of  Baptist History Across The World
We promise to lead the way in Ministry in St. Kitts - Nevis, The Caribbean and The World from 2013 with a Fresh Vision

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas From Bishop Dr. Kelvin Jones & Congregation - Clip From Dr. Jones Christmas Sermon Inside

Dear Friend,

I write on behalf of Bishop Dr. Kelvin Jones, the Baptist Stalwart that took over from Dr. William M. Connor when he passed years ago and wish you a Merry Christmas 2012 on behalf of the entire Mount Carmel Baptist Church - St. Kitts Congregation.

May you enjoy the day to the fullest and spend some good family time reflecting on Jesus - The Greatest and Best Gift the world was ever given.

If the Lord tarries, 2013 will mark 50 years of Radical Baptist Witness across St. Kitts - Nevis. Dr. Jones, who preached on Christmas Sunday, just two days ago, reminded his listeners of the Grand 50th Anniversary Celebration that we should plan, and that he was a founding member of the First Baptist Church in St. Kitts - Nevis - The Antioch Baptist Church. He stated that he was later was commissioned to Lodge by the late Dr. William Connor where he started a Sunday School then founded the Mount Carmel Baptist Church.

He told of Pastor Connor's Last Days in the USA and how he told him by his bedside to take over the mission and continue the great work that God was doing through the Baptists. Pastor Jones, although serving for over 52 years in ministry is still a Solid Preacher, preaching the uncompromising word of God. The Dare 2 Be Different Media Team (Internet TV - and Radio - took this video clip from part of last Sunday's Message.

Pastor Jones made a heart touching statement from the pulpit and charged the youth to carry on the Legacy of Dr. William M. Connor and continue on with his vision. He reminded all listeners to never give up and shared of having moved to St. Kitts from Nevis and having to live in an empty house and then later work for KAWAJA  FOOD  CENTRE for $5 per week, then moving to the customs for $25 per week.  He encouraged all by saying, "God will take care no matter the situation." Hear part of his encouragement in this video clip just 2 days old.

Dr. Jones challenged the congregation to use their ideas to let the Baptist Legacy live on and after service, he spoke with a few of us and told us that Mount Carmel needed to play an active role in celebrating 50 years and charged the group to come up with some ideas to present to the church in the evening after I preached the word of God.

When ever I'm given a challenge with regards to God's Kingdom business, I ensure that its given much prayer, thought, and top quality presentation. We would therefore like you, our global following to know about the Mount Carmel Baptist Church's creative, innovative, technological ideas to celebrate 50 Radical Years of Baptist Ministry and to lead the way in writing the next 50 years.

1. We will be establishing the Dr. William Connor Foundation( to serve and empower people and other Baptist Ministries around the Caribbean and the world. It is through this foundation we plan to raise funds to EMPOWER  AND  GIVE  BACK  TO  OTHERS, support missions and other ministries and not just take, take, take. We also plan to construct The New 21st Century Mount Carmel Baptist Complex which will house a 21st Century Sanctuary, Factories so that none of our members are ever unemployed, a youth club house, A Mall, Complex Pool for pool parties and other events, basketball court, football and cricket field and nextball / volley ball spaces. (Architectural Projections by GHW Architects Inc)

The current sanctuary would be renovated to house a dinner and a movie theatre and auditorium on the inside and the outside will become a drive in movie and National Christian Family Social Area.

Stay posted at:

2. We will be launching a local, regional and international appeal and walking in Dr. William Connor's Footsteps to plant more ministries. Therefore, we will be starting Training Unions in every Parish in St. Kitts - Nevis during 2013 and recruiting directors all across the world and supporting them by building websites, printing, etc and we will establish The Dr. William Connor Summer Exchange Camps and The Dr. William Connor Annual Children's Empowerment Rally

3. We will be starting the Mount Carmel Baptist Mobile Mission and getting radical about Evangelism. The Mount Carmel Baptist Train will make several stops around St. Kitts - Nevis during 2013 preaching and also replaying some of the great sermons from the late Pastor William Connor.

4. We will be finally ordaining Brother Valston Johnson as a minister of the gospel

5. We will be contacting churches all around the globe and sending our preachers to preach Dr. William Connor Memorial Crusades all around the globe and also give them exposure to missions. Churches that agree to host our preachers, we'll be donating to them a website or t-shirts, or pens, pencils or other promotional products or show them how to start their own internet radio and tv stations. While overseas, during the day, we'll hold empowerment sessions, reach the schools, hospitals etc, spread the gospel and share with the world about the late Dr. William Connor.

6. We will be releasing The Mount Carmel Baptist Boys Choir and Girls Choir Albums at and hosting The Dr. William Connor 50th Anniversary Memorial Concert to showcase God's talent and the next generation that will write the next 50 years of Baptist History.

Kindly pray for us as we carry on this Radical Baptist Work across the world and we look forward to receiving your invitation to preach at your church and empower your members soon - Email: .

We fully believe in using all our members and their talents to the fullest degree, not keeping them back and giving them as much exposure as we can as they have the potential to do great things and that is what we'll be encouraging alot of in 2013.

Kindly enjoy this dance piece from Sister Jovil from last Sunday's Service. It was truly a blessing to all.

Thanks to our new adoption by Dare 2 Be Different International -, we are now reaching the world using the internet and social media and getting contacts from many individuals across the globe whose lives were once impacted by the Mount Carmel Baptist Church or at The Antioch Baptist Church while Bishop Dr. Kelvin Jones served.

Christmas Cheers!

Khrystus Wallace, Ordained Servant
on behalf of Bishop Dr. Kelvin Jones - serving 52 years in ministry.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mount Carmel Baptist (St. Kitts) Best Christmas Concert in History slated for 20th December, 2012

Don't Miss The Mount Carmel Baptist Church (St. Kitts) and The Dare 2 Be Different - Christmas Program 2012. It's going to be the BEST in the history of the church and it's going to be DIFFERENT! 20th December, 2012 at 7:30pm - and no we're not CHARGING - it's totally FREE - Times are too hard - we're being considerate - but a LOVE OFFERING WILL BE COLLECTED

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mount Carmel Baptist St. Kitts Gets Agressive About Soul Winning

The Mount Carmel Baptist Church (St. Kitts) and co-labourer in Christ - Dare 2 Be Different International has mutually pledged to get more aggressive with soul winning as they work TOGETHER to build the kingdom of God.

Bishop Dr. Kelvin Jones, who has served over 52 years in ministry at The Mount Carmel Baptist and Brother Khrystus Wallace (ordained but prefers not to carry a title) of Dare 2 Be Different International started working together in ministry in early September 2012.

The new relationship is helping both ministries and members greatly.

The recent push by Mount Carmel Baptist to use Social Media having been encouraged by Dare 2 Be Different is showing the world that their ministry is still alive and well and working.

This falls under a joint project called - "A Soul A DAY PROJECT"

Say this prayer and mean it from your heart if you want to get saved TODAY. Dear Jesus, I recognize that I am a sinner and I am very sorry for the sins I have done. I believe you shed your blood on the cross for my sins. Please forgive me of all of them. Your word tells me that if I believe in my heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, I will be saved. Please come live in my heart and save me. In Jesus name – Amen.

Learn more about the Salvation Plan:
Dare 2 Be Different International - and The Mount Carmel Baptist Church (St. Kitts)  CARES ABOUT YOU. We don't lead people to the cross and LEAVE them. To stay encouraged, Email: or for encouragement and prayerful support. BB PIN: 220067D8

Dare 2 Be Different Media Department
Internet TV:
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